Try A Pinterest Project

I like Pinterest. It is electronic hoarding for the OCD crowd. Not only can I hoard but I can organize too! Now, I am not very crafty in the sense of folding origami or baking 3 tiered wedding cakes or sewing. However, the nice thing about Pinterest is that it has so many ideas that you can find a project to match your skill set and level.

My crafty skill set is primarily based in 3 areas, carpentry, painting and the ability to use a hot glue gun. It’s not a large repertoire from which to pull. But, you may be surprised at what you can do if you try. I know that I was. While this project may not be every ones cup of tea, it is probably my all time favorite project.

I saw on Pinterest staircases painted in whimsical ways. It really tickled me. Since our house was built in 1919 the steps are rustic (a nice way of saying not even and with replaced boards); I decided what did I have to lose, if they didn’t look ok I could just paint over them, no harm no foul. After conferring with my kind and patient husband Ed, I decided I would try to paint the staircase to look like a bookshelf or stack of books. This is how they turned out:



Close ups:



There were 14 steps and each step took about 5 to 8 hours to paint. I had a blast painting them. If I had not stopped and thought about it and tried to do it, well I never would have realized that I could! You don’t have to do a project as large as this, but try creating something. Remember the outcome or final project is not as important as the process for those of us beginning to break out of the box!

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Enjoy! Mary


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One thought on “Try A Pinterest Project

  1. I love this! My house was built in 1786, and has the same problems. I made my kids tear out the ugly carpet on the stairs in preparation for doing just this. I haven’t decided on all the books I’ll use, but figured I repaint the staircase and then do each riser as I have time. Did you use house paint for the risers or acrylic artist’s paint? Did you use some kind of sealer over your paintings? I like the books you chose.

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