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Whirlpool, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?


It’s interesting how as we age our priorities change. This especially true when it comes to appliances, both large and small. Saturday: I went to do some washing and when I finally meandered down to the basement I was met with the dryer in use. Now my short term memory is not the best but I knew I did not put anything in the dryer that day. Puzzled, I looked at the dryer wondering if Ed had done some laundry. How odd I thought, none of his baskets were down there.

I recalled the last time I had put a load of towels in there was…well a long time ago. I never fetched them because I was too lazy and we already had clean ones. Let me share something here. I have an obsession with bath towels. Currently in this household there are only two of us who bathe voluntarily and regularly. (Miss Lulu is not a happy bather.) Currently we have enough towels for a rugby team to use every day of the week and still have some left over.

I believe this towel hoarding stems from my childhood when we each had a towel, one towel per person. My parents who were germ phobic but blessed with 4 children and various pets so they devised strict rules about the sharing of personal items. Breaking the no sharing rule was a punishable offense. Being old fashioned parents the punishment was meted out according to their whim and our contriteness. But that’s another story.

Back to the towels. My childhood towel was festooned with a cat print and my brother Kevin’s towel had a dog print. I coveted his dog towel with the self-absorbed obsession any young preschooler could muster. I was not allowed to use his towel. I knew this rule. That did not mean I could not look at his towel. Seething with envy, I would furtively sneak into the closet and look at his towel. And so a towel hoarder was born.

Back to the present and the basement….Imagine my horror when I realized that our fairly new dryer (a year old) had somehow gotten stuck on tumble for ohhh I don’t know 5 days. Yeah, 5 days minimum. Can’t wait to see that electric bill. After the initial shock wore off, I said some colorful words. I then ventured to open the dryer. It was cold. Hmmm. Well this isn’t good.

I proceeded to remove the towels, which were by the way scrumptiously soft and fluffy, and turned my attention to the dryer. I must admit panic set in when my brain registered the enormity of this issue. Getting a repair man (if there even is such a service) would no doubt cost as much as a new dryer. Yet a new dryer was certainly not in the budget. I am deathly allergic to all pollen so hanging clothes out to dry is not an option. Oh Whirlpool why hast though forsaken me? I have done nothing to deserve such a tribulation.

And so I proceeded to spend the better part of an hour moving dials and looking at the dryer and turning it off and on. On and off. This setting and that setting. It was not unlike trying to open a combination lock, or so I hoped. All it did was mock me by continuing to turn unceasingly without heat. No heat, not even a warm draft. Nothing. I contemplated beating it with a 2×4 but decided that would help my frustrations but also negate any hope that the dryer may be revived. I gave it one last dirty look and went to tell Ed about the untimely malingering and imminent death of said dryer.

His reaction was not unlike mine. He inquired about the dryers behaviors and lack of behaviors and went outside to have a smoke. He contemplates the mysteries of life while smoking on the back porch. This includes repairs of appliances. I left him to muse over this predicament in peace.

All the while I tried to contain my rising panic and set about looking for answers on the internet. Most of the so called fixes I had tried already. Then I came across a how to video on youtube that described our dryers symptoms and potential remedies. I watched about 2 minutes of it and decided this was a honey do job if ever there was one. I told Ed about my research and subsequent finding. He being ever the good sport said he would watch the video and address the issue. My panic quelled to a free floating anxiety.

Ed watched the video and said he would try the 1st easiest remedy and if that did not work he would proceed down the list. Remedy #1 did not work. I have to admit at that point the panic began again. I started to look at dryers online. In doing so I began the mental masochistic lamenting of spending large sums of money on unreliable appliances.

Ed seeing my rising despair, reassured me he would attend to the rest of the remedies the following day. When I was out of the house and busy at work. Such a wise man. As I drifted off to sleep that night all I could think of was, but whirlpool is such a good brand…

Sunday: Ed assured me he would attend to the dryer after I left for work and he hoped to have it up and running by my return. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but decided that if it could be fixed, Ed would fix it. Off I went to work. At work I pushed away the intrusive thoughts about the dryer.

I was winding down my day when I got a text from Ed, “Just finished my laundry. Dryer is functioning within prescribed limits. I love you.” I actually did a little happy dance. I was honestly shocked at the immense relief I felt knowing that the dryer was working! I haven’t been quite so enthusiastically animated in quite some time. How awesome is it that a working dryer can make one so very, very happy!

You, Ed McCarthy are my hero. Oh savior of major appliances and calmer of womanly panic. I love you!

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