About Roo

The fun facts:

Why Roo? Roo became my online tag way way back in the day of local chat rooms. At a loss for a tag that gave no insight into my real identity, you know the old A/S/L deal. I went with my dogs nickname…Roodog. Overtime Roodog was shortened to Roo. Now most of my posts, avatars or websites have Roo in the title somewhere.

Picture 017

Rex the original Roodog (1996-2005).

You can read one of Rex’s exploits (from 1997) at the Bad Dog Chronicles


The serious facts:

I believe that the mainstream news media no longer portrays the truth. It has become a propaganda tool for corporations and political parties.

I am, according to them, not a professional journalist as I do not espouse the “correct’ views.

I am but a humble citizen journalist, as were many of our country’s forefathers. I consider it a  high honor to follow in their footsteps.

I am neither a liberal nor a conservative, I am me.

Mary McCarthy, M.S.,CCJP, CCDP-D , my Linkedin address is:


SPECIALTIES:Policy Development and Implementation, Staff Training and Supervision, Public Safety, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Resistant Clients, Mandated Clients, Community Corrections, Parole and Probation Services, Juvenile Justice System, Gang Relations and Education, Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Risk Assessments, Behavioral Interventions, Treatment Plans, Clinical Documentation Development, Grant Writing. Applied knowledge of CASSP, JHACO, CCBHO and HIPPA compliance. Computer skills including all aspects of Microsoft Office, Audacity, Flash CS6, Web Design and Graphic arts.

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