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About roodog63 Or if you don't want to follow the link: Basically pragmatic at the age of 50; I now find myself with a very different perspective on life. Perhaps it is midlife but I feel a new world has opened before me. My new circumstances have allowed me time to regroup and look at what I can REALLY contribute to society. My puzzle is now is how to do just that with the abilities with which I have been blessed. The answer is there. The process of getting to that answer is my new adventure. I am enjoying these daily discoveries since breaking out of the box. I love seeing the world anew. Why Roo? Roo became my online tag way way back in the day of local chat rooms. At a loss for a tag that gave no insight into my real identity, you know the old A/S/L deal. I went with my dogs nickname…Roodog. Overtime Roodog was shortened to Roo. Now most of my posts, avatars or websites have Roo in the title somewhere. Rex the original Roodog (1996-2005). You can read one of Rex’s exploits (from 1997) at the Bad Dog Chronicles

Why Syria and Why Now? Understanding the Military Industrial Complex Agenda.

A satiated citizenry, one that has just enough entertainment and food to keep them happy is a tried and true form of social control. Remember the Romans with the bread and circuses, today it is beer and football or Fritos and (heaven help us) Honey Booboo. Combine the use of bread and circuses with the last 50 years’ worth of social engineering and the results are an uninterested, uninformed and uneducated majority. This social engineering has been used to mold the average US citizen into true believers of the rhetoric served up by the mainstream news media. To not believe the reports presented on the nightly network news would be considered un- American. It is time for citizens of the United States to look up from their bread and circuses and intelligently question what the mainstream news media, our elected politicians and national corporation’s roles are with regard to world events.

We as United States citizens must be aware and alert to the fact that the mainstream media is now owned by a handful of major corporations. Many career politicians have financial interests in these media corporations. These media corporations also have ties to the military industrial complex. The same military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about in his 1961 farewell speech. Eisenhower was concerned about the rise of a powerful arms industry with the potential to become an industry intent upon waging unending wars in order to make profits for those who own or have stakes in the armaments industry. Eisenhower said it best:

“Until the latest of our world conflicts, the United States had no armaments industry. American makers of ploughshares could, with time and as required, make swords as well. But we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense; we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions.” “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.

Please understand I am not advocating for dissolution of the military or of the arms industry. I am cautioning that our arms industry should not be owned and or controlled by career politicians or government officials (ie such associations as Cheney and Haliburton). Nor should there be political lobbyists promoting the interests of the military industrial complex. To allow this combination ignites divided loyalties; a politician must choose between his pocket book and true National interest. Such a conflict of interests is evident in the convoluted reasoning behind the current Syrian issue.

While the chest beating and wailing of politicians continues about the use of gas on Syrian civilians, especially the children their solution is to shoot a missile at the same population as a warning?!  Chemical weapons use is horrific, but all war is horrific. Bullet wounds, burns, bombs all cause extreme pain, suffering, injury, lifelong disability or death. Dead is dead, bombs, nuclear or conventional kill innocents just as sarin gas does. Consider this, our country has not intervened in other areas where genocide occurred. Rwandans begged us to help them as masses were murdered, but the Rwandans had nothing the politicians or corporations wanted. Christians are being slaughtered in the Sudan and Egypt but alas they have nothing the politicians want; but Syria does. One must follow the money trail to find the true motives behind the call for military intervention in Syria.

There is a huge natural gas reserve located in the Syrian, Iraq and Iran area and the Leviathan Gas Field in the Mediterranean. The economic and political influence this potential gas reserve windfall will bring is unimaginable. The United States Military Industrial Complex (as well as their shareholders) have a great interest in “overseeing” these gas reserves for their own gain. Al Assad in Syria has made a deal with the Iranians and Iraq to provide a land bridge over which Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian nations will build, oversee and profit from the proposed gas pipeline.

There is no valid proof of who used the chemical weapons upon the unfortunate people of Syria. There are many Damascenes who believe it was the rebels. Well before this recent event began there were numerous rebel videos uploaded onto the internet. These videos show the rebels taking credit for rebel use of chemical weapons. Let’s take a look at these rebels our government would like to back. The rebels we are supposed to be trying to help are tied to Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Abu Sakkar, one of the rebel leader’s is a cannibal, yes you read that correctly a cannibal. His cannibalism of a non-rebels heart and liver was recorded and is available to see on the internet. Yes, he cut out a man’s organs and ate them raw as a show of bravado and strength. Many of these rebels are hired guns. In fact some of the rebels are Muslim Chechnyan’s brought into Syria via the Turkish border.

Think about this, who allegedly planted terrorist’s bombs at the iconic Boston Marathon; two Muslim Chechens. Al Qaeda committed the worst terrorist event on US soil, 9/11. Politicians and National Security experts touted that we required security from these same terrorists, security that came at the loss of our God given rights. Now Politicians and National Security experts wish to ally with and arm those same terrorists from whom we needed protection. Does this make any sense at all?  The facts are clear, those who stand to benefit the most from a military intervention in Syria are the politicians who have a finger in the military industrial complex pie. These politicians want to spend billion if not trillions of your tax money so that they can further line their pockets, not save Syrian innocents. Wake up my neighbors before more of our children are used as cannon fodder to make rich men richer.

Before you think me Un- American and that this cannot be true because the Government doesn’t lie; I suggest that you research the Gulf of Tonkin, Iran Contra, Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Intel and then compare those to this unraveling Syrian “crisis”.  The old axiom holds true, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.

I close with this thought, when Benjamin Franklin was leaving Independence Hall upon the close of Constitutional Convention, a woman asked , “What was it we now had, a monarchy or a Republic?“ He replied, “A Republic if you can keep it.” If Benjamin Franklin was here today and asked the same question it would be better phrased, “Do we have a Regime or a Republic?”  We can still keep our beloved Republic but we must awaken and use our collective power as citizens, in a nonviolent way, to demand our Constitution be upheld. Read the Constitution, educate yourself by doing your own research, read history and learn from it, demand term limits and call or write your Representatives. Be heard!

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Write a Story

Try writing a story. Take a small but unusual event that has happened to you and record it. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. You can set it up in any format that you like. The details are for you to decide. This isn’t English class. There are no rights or wrongs, just try.

Here is one of my more recent stories. I use my own style and formatting, why? Because I like it that way!

Enjoy- Mary

The Claw and Fang Society presents:

Mouse in the House Chapter 1:

A herd of cats and one terrier with free range to the house and yard and still a mouse managed to take up residence under the refrigerator. Really? Omg. Off to buy mouse traps tomorrow.

Mouse in Our House Chapter 2: The Search Begins

Last night the moving of the refrigerator commenced. No mouse was found but he did leave behind his DNA. Scrub, scrub, scrub the mousies stink away. Hmmm… no mouse to be found.

So today I got Lulu ready, I assumed Tim cat was available on standby, as he was right there. I ripped off the cardboard grill on the back of the fridge and…out POPS, yep he POPPED, that mouse! And then he RAN across my foot. I screamed, the mouse jumped straight up into the air and down and then scurried away, all the while I am yelling “Get it Lulu, get it, get it!” And what did Lulu chase you ask? Lulu ran in a different direction after a dust bunny that also popped out of the back of the fridge. As I was doing a ninja dance and screaming at Lulu to get it; Lulu was after a dust bunny, Tim cat raised his head and looked at me quizzically. Then he looked around and went right back to sleep. Obviously, this mouse was not meant to die today, but there is tomorrow.


Tim Cat “The Ever Vigilant”!

Mouse in Our House Chapter 3: The Dispatching.

10 pm last night, upstairs. The cats had a mouse, I didn’t know if it was the kitchen mouse or one they brought in, but either way they wouldn’t kill it. No, like some sort of sociopathic serial murderers, their intent was to torment it to death. I don’t like mice but I hate seeing things tormented. It was obvious that no cat was going to give this poor rodent a quick death and there was no way that I was going to kill it myself.

I decided, in what I considered a brilliant strategic offensive move, to throw the wastebasket over it. Yes! All of those hours of playing RISK had paid off! (For those of you unfamiliar with RISK, it is a game of skill and strategy which obviously comes in handy when addressing critical junctures in one’s life such as world domination and mouse catching.)

This move solved the problem of the mouse running amok but left me with a logistical and moral dilemma. Do I try to get the mouse from under the basket and let it loose outside? No, the thing had a broken leg and who knows what else, so a lingering death would be the outcome there. If I tried to slip something under the basket I ran the risk letting the mouse loose. Ugh.

Time for Lulu to redeem herself! Off I went, downstairs and woke up Lulu (she sleeps on the couch because of her snoring and a propensity to chase the cats for her own amusement regardless of the time, be it day or night). “Lulu, Lulu”…she looked at me sleepily. Raising her head she yawned and gave me the stink eye. “Lu, I have a job for you, wake up.” Yawn and stretch and she got up, no doubt thinking big dogs finally lost it. I emphatically pointed at the steps and said “Come on we have to go upstairs. You have to get the mouse, upstairs.” She looked at me, looked at the stairs and looked at me again. “Upstairs, come on.” I said, trying to feign enthusiasm.

Lulu dutifully darted up the stairs. The cats scattered in all directions. I quickly closed all of the doors so only the hallway and the mouse under the basket were available to Lulu. Eureeka! I thought I had hit the mouse dispatching formula! Umm, ya… no.

Lulu saw me standing in front of the bathroom door, even though the door was closed, she surmised I wanted to give her a bath. She eyed me warily and went to go back downstairs. Lulu began to slink away around the corner of the landing towards the staircase.

This is was when I resulted to, well, what amounted to me begging a 32lb. dog to rescue me from this crisis. “Lulu come on, come on, look here, come, get the mouse.” She stared at me suspiciously. I could just imagine what she was thinking… big dog is saying the wrong words for bath, hmmm no bath? I tapped on the wastebasket…”under here come get the mouse.” She must have gotten a whiff of the mouse smell because she barreled towards the basket like the doors were just opened at a Walmart on Black Friday.

Lulu stationed her face right to the base of the basket, eagerly squirming with delight. I knew what was coming, this wasn’t Lulu’s and my first mouse rodeo.  I clenched my teeth and tilted the basket up, Lulu dove into the basket and the mouse was no more. Lulu ran down the steps with her macabre prize and spit it out on the living room floor. I praised Lulu up and down for being a good dog. Then I disposed of the body.

After all of this, I have decided two things: 1. That mouse had some seriously bad karma and 2. It’s going to be a long summer.


  LuLu the Redeemed.


Continuing chapters can be found at my animal specific blog

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Try A Pinterest Project

I like Pinterest. It is electronic hoarding for the OCD crowd. Not only can I hoard but I can organize too! Now, I am not very crafty in the sense of folding origami or baking 3 tiered wedding cakes or sewing. However, the nice thing about Pinterest is that it has so many ideas that you can find a project to match your skill set and level.

My crafty skill set is primarily based in 3 areas, carpentry, painting and the ability to use a hot glue gun. It’s not a large repertoire from which to pull. But, you may be surprised at what you can do if you try. I know that I was. While this project may not be every ones cup of tea, it is probably my all time favorite project.

I saw on Pinterest staircases painted in whimsical ways. It really tickled me. Since our house was built in 1919 the steps are rustic (a nice way of saying not even and with replaced boards); I decided what did I have to lose, if they didn’t look ok I could just paint over them, no harm no foul. After conferring with my kind and patient husband Ed, I decided I would try to paint the staircase to look like a bookshelf or stack of books. This is how they turned out:



Close ups:



There were 14 steps and each step took about 5 to 8 hours to paint. I had a blast painting them. If I had not stopped and thought about it and tried to do it, well I never would have realized that I could! You don’t have to do a project as large as this, but try creating something. Remember the outcome or final project is not as important as the process for those of us beginning to break out of the box!

You can follow my Pinterest Boards Pinterest-icon share your comment or send me an email

Enjoy! Mary


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Find a Cause


Find a cause! Being part of a cause doesn’t mean that you have to move to Tibet and become a monk or stand on a street corner handing out leaflets. Technology has made supporting a cause as easy as joining a  facebook group or watching it’s website. Supporting a cause does not mean that you have to send money or goods (but it does help) it means that you are part of a community of care. Your supportive comments and emails are very important moral boosters for those people in the physical world who are working with that cause .

Here is a cause that I follow and help. It is the Carolina Loving Hound Rescue. I came across the rescue on facebook. A friend shared a link and it peaked my curiosity and I fell in love. The Carolina Loving Hound Rescue is more than a page on facebook, it is a community. From our own homes we cheer dogs on, cry for the pain they had to endure and wonder in awe at the two mighty forces behind the rescue, Angela and Mark. Angela and Mark run, well not just run, they LIVE the Carolina Loving Hound Rescue.  The rescue saves dogs, hounds, dachshunds and hound mixes. The poor dogs that they save have been abused, neglected and thrown away like trash. They also rescue the old dogs, the senior dogs who are so hard to place. And they rescue the pregnant dogs that no one wants. Angela and Mark have such dedication and love that it shines through the darkness that has entered these poor dogs lives and they bring these dogs back, back from all things bad to all things good!

Some of the doggies go to foster home to live until they find their ‘furever’ homes. There the foster Mom and Dad angels help nurse the physical and emotion wounds the dogs have suffered. Other dogs stay with Angela and Mark at Casa Loving until adopted and some dogs find their ‘furever’ homes at Casa Loving itself.

See those happy tails wagging at Casa Loving!


Playing in the fresh air and sunshine at Casa Loving!914127_372601726174668_1769178255_o

Angela’s dedication to posting photos and updates on the rescues facebook page is remarkable. 64332_360358147399026_1862240021_n  You have to see it to believe it. Check it out and become part of the community!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…look at these before and after photos:

Anastasia before:    


Anastasia After!



Patsy before:


Patsy now!


So whether you choose a dog rescue or a soup kitchen or a senior center, find YOUR cause and pay it forward!

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Welcome to the blog…

 ~ Roosrealworld~

 My hope is that this blog encourages YOU to explore your own abilities and to then share those abilities with others.

Do something!

Create something !

Change something !

Try something new and see where it leads you!

100_0336 (259x640)

My personal path has been long and winding. One thing I have discovered is that we ALL have untapped talents.Remember that the process is as important as the end result! Try! So why a blog about trying new things…well let’s just say I am basically pragmatic and unemployed for the first time at the age of 49. Perhaps it was being laid off or perhaps it is midlife, but I feel a new world has opened before me. My new circumstances have allowed me time to regroup and look at what I can REALLY contribute to society. My puzzle is now is how to do just that with the abilities with which I have been blessed. The answer is there. The process of getting to that answer is my new adventure.

I am enjoying these daily discoveries since breaking out of the box and trying something new!

What you will find on this blog are some of my own projects and causes. Projects I never would have started a year ago and projects that I  thought that I could not do. But I tried and I did and so can you! Causes that I never knew existed and now embrace and so can you!

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